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What we do

Survey & Planning

Quickly get to know what is and isn't possible in your home, and with our free survey and design consultation we'll make sure you make the right design choices.


If you don't already have a stove you would like us to fit we'll certainly find you the right one for you. We have access to a wide selection of the best stoves in the UK and will give you the right advice so you can make an informed decision.

Stove Installation

We skillfully fit woodburning and multi-fuel stoves into many different spaces and setups. All our engineers are HETAS registered and are known for their eye for detail and passion for their craft.

What else we can offer

Our other Services

Take a look at what other services we can offer you

Servicing & Repairs

Could your stove do with a little TLC? Maybe it's not working the way you would like? If your stove needs servicing or a part replaced then we're here to nurse your stove back to health.

Flue Installation

Flexible liners, twin wall flue installations, you name it, we can fit it. We'll make sure you enjoy the love of your stove in an environment that is safe and secure for your home.

Fireplace Alterations

Got some work that needs doing to a fireplace? Need a chimney opened up? Contact us today and see how we can help.

Closure plate, pot & cowl fitting

Leaky chimney? Birds causing havoc? Maybe you've got a noisy or drafty chimney that's just a right pain. We can typically get to the bottom of any problems and we'll fit any new goods that you need.